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The core leadership at Musgrove Corp. is a unique blend of highly experienced musical, artistic, & business specialists.

James Johnson
VP of Music
Samantha Jones
VP of Fashion

I am involved in discovering talent, choosing the songs that an artist records for an album, ensuring that recording projects stay on budget and schedule. Working directly with artists in recording studios, while keeping track of music markets and report record sales to the record label and trade publications.

My primary responsibility is to deliver the right revenues; be that defined as a hard number, growth target, profit target and/or a market share goal. Recruiting, Backfilling and Helping my Sales Team, Build the Sales Strategy, Devising Sales Tactics, and Creating and Selling Deals for Aimer7

Kim Bailey
VP Marketing

I am responsible for the strategy, tactics and programs to create interest, demand and recognition for The Musgrove Corporation and its products through the use of PR, Product Marketing, Creative Services, Advertising, Strategic Relationships, Direct, Event, Channel and Online Marketing

Trevor Sinclair

I am responsible for seeing a production through from beginning to end. Overseeing of various administrative aspects, including hiring and overseeing cast and crew, writing and editing content, maintaining a budget, and creating work schedules.